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We don't change the way you take orders. We just make it better!

Avoid skyrocketing paper costs for traditional pads!

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About eDeliPad

eDeliPad gives your workers a way to take orders fast and accurately.
If a worker knows how to click a button or text on their phone, they can use eDeliPad.

Why Use eDeliPad?

As a deli owner, you're in a fast-paced business. You would need good reasons to change from using your printed deli pads. How about THESE reasons for starters...

  • Avoid skyrocketing paper costs for traditional pads.
  • You don't have to change how you are doing things now.
  • You don't have to invest in new equipment. Staff can use their own mobile phones or tablets.
  • No lost orders from misplaced notepad sheets.
  • No time wasted trying to understand the handwriting of different staff members.
  • The seconds you save with each customer means more customers helped and more revenue earned.
  • Gaining a reputation for having the fastest service will give you an edge over competition.

Experience the efficiency that eDeliPad brings to taking and preparing orders for your customers.

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eDeliPad Features

Instant Communication

Orders taken by front-end employees are instantly sent to food preparers at the touch of a button. No more putting order sheets in a basket.

Easy Setup

Get up and running in 5 minutes or less! Just select menu items for your pads, create accounts for your employees, and you are all set to go.

Multiple Order Pads

With eDeliPad, you can have up to 3 different pads at your disposal. Use one pad for breakfast, another for lunch, or maybe one for catering orders.

Quickly Sort Orders

Save time finding completed orders vs orders in the process of being prepped. Keep customers happy by keeping the line moving.

How Easy is it to Get Set Up?

STEP 1: Choose Your Food Offerings

It's as easy as typing a word and putting a checkmark in a box to choose food items and categories into your pads. Don't want that item in your pad? Just take the checkmark out from the box.

STEP 2: Add Staff Members

As the deli owner, only you have the ability to add or delete new staff accounts. To add someone new, all you have to do is submit their name, email, and create a password.

STEP 3: Start Taking Orders

Use whatever smart phones, tablets, or iPads you may already have and take orders.

Because eDeliPad is a website, there's no need to download an app that takes up space on mobile devices.

Increase Your Customer Capacity

With eDeliPad, deli owners are given what they need to increase the capacity of how many customers they can serve in a given amount of time. The more customers served, the more revenue gained!


Improve your efficiency and increase your order capacity for just $1 a day!

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eDeliPad provides deli owners with a tool that's easy to use and designed to increase their capacity to serve more customers.

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